I have a large amount of .TIF which come in EPSG 31467. I want to transform them into EPSG 3044. My gdalwarp command throws me various errors, no matter what I try:

gdalwarp - s_srs EPSG:31467 -t_srs EPSG:3044 infile.tif outfile.tif

throws: ERROR 1: The transformation is already "north up" or a transformation between pixel/line and georeferenced coordinates cannot be computed for .\infile.tif. There is no affine transformation and no GCPs. Specify transformation option SRC_METHOD=NO_GEOTRANSFORM to bypass this check.

If I try then:

 gdalwarp - s_srs EPSG:31467 -t_srs EPSG:3044 -to SRC_METHOD=NO_GEOTRANSFORM

I get completely unusable files. Any idea how to transform those .tif's ?

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    Have you tried transforming a single file using the QGIS GUI? Have you studied the GDAl-options? – Erik Oct 21 '19 at 14:22
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    Remove first the space from - s_srs EPSG:31467 and see if it works with correct -s_srs parameter. – user30184 Oct 21 '19 at 17:06
  • @Erik how can i see what qgis passes to gdal when i export a tif and change the crs there? – sn1ks Oct 22 '19 at 6:18
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    At the bottom of the transform-raster-GUI there's a text window which shows what you're ticking on/off @sn1ks – Erik Oct 22 '19 at 7:04
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    I would have asked you to add gdalinfo report from the source image next. – user30184 Oct 22 '19 at 14:38