I am trying to visualize NDVI for a specific boundary that I have imported from ArcMap. When I filter the NAIP imagery by the boundary it works perfectly, but when I try and filter the MODIS by the boundary I only receive an output of the NDVI values for the entire dataset (world). This causes problems later on when I need to use the .map function to add the 'NDVI' band to the clipped Naip imagery.

Below is a segment of my code where geom references the imported polygon.

I am new to Google Earth Engine.

var geom = table2 
var naip = ee.ImageCollection("USDA/NAIP/DOQQ")
var mod = ee.ImageCollection("MODIS/006/MOD13A2")

You can use ee.ImageCollection.mosaic() to convert your image collection to an image, and ee.Image.clip() to clip the image to a specified geometry/polygon. For example:

// Define an example geometry.
var geom = ee.Geometry.Point(-121.646, 43.762).buffer(1e4);

var naip = ee.ImageCollection("USDA/NAIP/DOQQ")
Map.addLayer(naip.mosaic().clip(geom), {}, 'naip');

var mod = ee.ImageCollection("MODIS/006/MOD13A2")
Map.addLayer(mod.mosaic().clip(geom), {min:0, max:10000}, "modis"); 

Note that .filterBounds() is not needed if all you are going to do is visualize the results, although it doesn't hurt to include it.

  • Thanks! Is there a way to do this without buffering a point? I imported a polygon boundary I would like to clip the image to. – Lydia Keenan Oct 22 at 13:42

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