I developed a plugin in which the user can add a length of a line and than the line gets created.

in QtDesigner I used a Spin Box. However, I just realized that a Spin Box takes only values to 99. 300 ist not possible.

Than I thought I could use a Line Edit instead but when running the tool I get the error message "'QLineEdit' object has no attribute 'value'". Is there a Widget I can use so that the user can enter lenghts above 99?

  • Did you try self.dlg.spinBox.setMaximum(300)? *example object name. – Ben W Oct 22 at 12:58
  • 1
    And if you use QLineEdit the text is retrieved with text() method instead of value(). – Ben W Oct 22 at 13:05
  • I retrieve the QLineEdit with text() but afterwards I can parse them to a float or int. That helped me out, thank you. – DGIS Oct 22 at 13:27
  • Great- I have posted my comments as an answer. – Ben W Oct 23 at 2:32

The default maximum for QSpinBox is 99, but you can change this with the setMaximum() method:


Otherwise, if you wish to use a QLineEdit instead, retrieve the value using the text() method. You can then cast it to an integer or a float if you wish:

val = int(line_edit.text())


val = float(line_edit.text())

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