I am new to ArcGIS Desktop.

I have two layers in ArcGIS Desktop (i.e. police station (green point as shown in picture) and road networks).

enter image description here

The police station has a shape type point whereas the road network has shape type polyline. The police station has got an ID that consists of two alphabet letters. Road network has also got an ID that starts with two alphabet letters followed by 4 digit number. Road network that comes under the jurisdiction of a police station has the same two alphabet letters as the police station ID has. For example, police station has ID 'AB', so all roads ID that come under the same police station starts with 'AB'.

How do I calculate the distance between the police station and roads that have the same two alphabet letters in their ID?


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You will have to use the Network Analyst extension. It is an optional extra that is charged extra as well. You will have to build a network from the road centrelines and then add the stations as stops. It is a steep learning curve.

An easier alternative if you have access to another extension is the Data Interop extension from Esri which is supplied by Safe Software called FME if it is standalone (more functions for less cost!) . That has an easier transformer for simple distance calculations like this.

  • Hi @KimO, you might want to have a look at gis.stackexchange.com/questions/44142/… the 2nd answer by the legendary Underdark. If the OP needs to change software this would be a free alternative; however learning a whole new desktop system is quite daunting and certainly not for everyone. Can you include a link to to the Safe Software FME help page or tutorials please? +1 from me in advance. Commented Oct 24, 2019 at 23:14

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