I am trying to use TauDEM in Arcmap. When I try to start the "Pit Remove" script it does not accept my .tif Input (see picture). Same with every other script from the tbx. If I press OK a empty error messagebox occurs.

Error TauDEM

Any idea ?

  • Whats the error message when you hover over the red cross? Also you need to state which versions you are using. – Hornbydd Oct 25 at 16:43
  • There is no tooltip when I hover over the Red Cross :/. ArcMap 10.5 / latest TauDEM Version from website, Py2.7 – Florian Oct 25 at 17:52
  • You are not telling full story. You also changed output default name and number of processes. – FelixIP Oct 25 at 23:58

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