I'm trying to create a raster with GRASS using the command r.in.gdal input="landsat-image.tiff" output="landsat-image.output" but I am getting this error:

Locação PROJ_INFO é:
name: NAD27(76) / MTM zone 12
ellps: clark66
proj: tmerc
lat_0: 0
lon_0: -81
k: 0.9999
x_0: 304800
y_0: 0
no_defs: defined
init: EPSG:2021

PROJ_INFO do conjunto de dados é:
name: WGS 84 / UTM zone 23N
datum: wgs84
ellps: wgs84
proj: utm
zone: 23
no_defs: defined

ERROR: proj

I can only create the raster overriding my projections above the image using flag -o in the parameters, but I don't want to do that. I want to know if I can create the raster using the same image's.

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You can import and reproject the GeoTIFF file to the current location with r.import, or you can create a new location that matches the projection of the file, and then import the file there. You can create the new location with the target and location options to r.in.gdal, or create a new GRASS session: grass -c landsat-image.tiff <new_location>.

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