Installed QGIS 3.4 and then 3.10, both gave errors "Grass was not found in /usr/local/opt/osgeo-grass/grass-base" In both cases the directory /usr/local/opt/osgeo-grass/ did not actually exist. I tried manually installing grass both with brew install and Grass 7.7 from grass-7.7dev.dmg.zip from the website. I tried setting the path for grass in QGIS to /Applications/GRASS-7.7.app and a few other locations that I forgot now.

All I need to do is create a flow accumulation raster from a DEM I have. I tried using the SAGA plugin in QGIS and that failed, wasn't able to generate a raster. I feel like my plugins have not been compiled correctly. However the base QGIS raster analysis works: I could create slope, aspect rasters sucessfully. The contents of my /usr/local/opt are currently

ant lcms2 osgeo-libgeotiff ant@1.10 libcryptopp osgeo-libkml armadillo libdap osgeo-libspatialite arpack libev osgeo-netcdf boost libevent osgeo-postgresql boost@1.71 libffi osgeo-proj brotli libiconv pcre c-ares libidn pcre1 cfitsio libidn2 perl cgal libjpeg perl@5.30 cryptopp libjpeg-turbo pkg-config curl-openssl libjpg pkgconfig eigen libkml-dev popt epsilon libmetalink python expat libmpc python2 fftw libpng python3 freexl libpq python@2 gcc libssh2 python@3 gcc@9 libtiff pzstd gdal2 libtool qhull gdbm libunistring readline geos libxml2 rtmpdump gettext libzip sfcgal giflib little-cms2 sqlite glib mdbtools sqlite3 gmp mpfr swig hdf4 nghttp2 swig@4 hdf5 numpy swig@4.0 hdf5@1.10 numpy@1.17 szip hwloc open-mpi tcl-tk icu4c openblas unixodbc isl openjpeg webp jansson openldap wget jasper openmpi xerces-c jemalloc openssl xz jpeg openssl@1.0 zlib jpeg-turbo openssl@1.1 zstd json-c osgeo-gdal krb5 osgeo-hdf4


I set the path to /Applications/GRASS-7.7.app/Contents/Resources and it seems to work

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  • Didn't work unfortunately, still got the error "Grass was not found in /usr/local/opt/osgeo-grass/grass-base" – Tristan Kos Nov 19 '19 at 18:33

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