I'm putting together a large map consisting of some big datasets, and unfortunately deleted some (around 25) polygons from a key layer when editing a smaller version of the map for a different request. The data for these polygons is still in the attribute table. I need these polygons back and plotted on the map. I don't want to remove the layer and add it back again as I spent a few hours inputting extra data to the attribute table, and I would have to do this again.

Is there a way I can replot these deleted polygons and keep the data I added in the attribute table?


Join can always join vector layers (e.g. wrongly edited & vanilla version) and then delete duplicate geometries. Maybe the attribute table will need some tweaking afterwards.


Another method:

  1. Draw one of the deleted polygons. Don't enter any attribute data.
  2. Open the attribute table. Select two features:

    • the no-geometry feature that has the attributes for the feature you just drew.
    • the no-attribute feature you just drew
  3. Merge the two features using the Merge selected features button on the Advanced Digitizing Toolbar. In the dialogue window that pops up, select the attribute-only feature and click the "take attributes from selected feature" button.

    enter image description here

  4. Repeat steps 1-3 for every deleted polygon.

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