I recently found an issue with Geotools and getting the datastore for a shapefile.

If I try:

FileDataStore dataStore = FileDataStoreFinder.getDataStore(file);


Map connect = new HashMap();
connect.put("url", file.toURL());

DataStore dataStore = DataStoreFinder.getDataStore(connect);

getDataStore() always returns null. But using:

ShapefileDataStore dataStore = new ShapefileDataStore(file.toURI().toURL());

then the dataStore is set to the shapefile. Anyone have any ideas why this is? Is this a bug with Geootools 8.2? I'm running Geotools on Tomcat 7, perhaps there is some issue with Tomcat and the DataStore and FileDataStore classes?


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    can you add what file actually contains? I suspect either it doesn't end .shp or it contains spaces and is not being encoded correctly
    – Ian Turton
    Commented Sep 24, 2012 at 8:35

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Check your class path, it might miss the jars that are able to read the shape file:

Check the availabel DataStores:

Iterator availableStores =  DataStoreFinder.getAvailableDataStores();
LOGGER.info("List available Stores: {");
            while (availableStores.hasNext()) {

if the List is empty, then the necessary jar is missing in the classpath.

In my case, using an old version of geotools, I had to add the gt2-shapefile-2.3.2 to the classpath

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