I had already formulated an entry recently in which I asked for the error message "msCGILoadMap (): Web application error. CGI variable" map "is not set." asked.

Now I think I have found a more accurate diagnosis. For our project we need several mapserv.exe, because we present different maps to different users (Mapfiles). Every time I come up with a new copy of the mapserv.exe this error message follows. Does anyone know this problem? Does something have to be considered when copying the file?

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    Why are you using multiple mapserv.exe files, when you can simply use multiple .map files? – CL. Nov 1 '19 at 12:04

This is an implementation decision.

You can have one MapServer executable and different map files



or you can have multiple copies of the MapServer executable and use Apache configuration to end up with a structure like:


Take a look at the OneGeology documentation for an example of how to configure the latter

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