I am creating a cached tile package (from ArcGIS 10.4.1) that includes (among other things) an annotation layer containing address numbers and a few annotation layers containing road names. In Arc Desktop, my annotation layers draw fine - I have manually moved labels so they are all legible and not overlapping.

When I share the map as a tile package however, addresses from the address number annotation layer that fall close together seem to overlap. I can't explain why their size appears to be different. It is only one annotation layer, so it shouldn't be an issue of dynamic label drawing at different scales.

Here's the weird kicker: the road annotation layers draw as expected, except at one scale in particular (1:4,000, which is one of the scales specified in the custom tile package .xml, if it matters). At that scale, some of the road labels just, truncate halfway through, or drop the extension (AVE, RD, DR, etc).

I get no errors actually sharing the map as a tile package. Any thoughts on this problem?

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