I will be receiving drone images from an associate. It'll have longitudes/latitudes values from the corners of the image. I don't have access to his image processing S/W. It'll be in a relatively small area 1,000,000m². Not sure if I would need the accuracy of something like the Haversine formula.

I need to find the coordinates (longitude, latitude) of a given point (trucks for example) in the image. This point is ever changing image to image. I'm seeking an equation/Java code/Python code etc.

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    How is the "given point" being given? As a pixel coordinate, or are you having to view the image and find the truck? If you can persuade them to supply a GeoTIFF image then any GIS will tell you the lat-long of any point. Otherwise given the corner coordinates you can create a "world file" and then the image can be loaded into a GIS with spatial referencing. – Spacedman Oct 31 '19 at 10:21
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    If the image is georectified and has coordinates embedded in a GeoTIFF or world file, this is a basic task (once you choose a software environment and processing tool), but without this there's not enough information here to answer. We do expect coding questions to include an attempt at coding. – Vince Oct 31 '19 at 10:23