I am learning how to implement time series with raster on GeoServer following the image mosaic documentation .

I am struggling a little bit to understand what this sentence means:

To support time-series layers, GeoServer needs to be run in a web container that has the timezone properly configured. To set the time zone to be Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), add this switch when launching the Java process:


If using a shapefile as the mosaic index store (see next section), another java process option is needed to enable support for timestamps in shapefile stores:


How could I set those? Maybe when I start GeoServer? I am running GeoServer on a docker container.

  • how are you running geoserver?
    – Ian Turton
    Oct 31, 2019 at 14:00
  • On Docker container running the code 'docker start <container_name>'
    – Glori P.
    Oct 31, 2019 at 15:07
  • then you need to modify the container's tomcat(?) start up script
    – Ian Turton
    Oct 31, 2019 at 15:15
  • I'm really new on this. I am using this docker image, hub.docker.com/r/oscarfonts/geoserver . Maybe should I follow docs.geoserver.org/latest/en/user/production/container.html
    – Glori P.
    Oct 31, 2019 at 15:28
  • Should I run java -Duser.timezone=GMT and java -Dorg.geotools.shapefile.datetime=true under docker ? I understand it could be a silly question but I really do not know how to go head on this
    – Glori P.
    Oct 31, 2019 at 15:31


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