I've been trying to enable offline mode in a WebMap in order to use one Collector. I reviewed the requirements here however I enabled sync and caching on my feature layer and map layer I believe. Here is the option in ArcServer Manager that shows it as enabled:

Use tiles from cache

Feature Access


What else can I check to ensure that I meet all the requirements in order to enable offline mode in WebMap? And how can I accomplish this. I see all the tutorials online refer to ArcMap, however, I use ArcGIS Pro and I'm having a hard time finding a tutorial that matches the products I'm using.

EDIT: I used the World Imagery Basemap for export from ArcGIS online from the tut included in the link above. This is th link to the basemap for Export: arcgis.com/home/item.html?id=226d23f076da478bba4589e7eae95952

Also I should mention that I want my data to upload to a geo-database when bringing in the data into the office for syncing.


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So I realized what I was doing wrong and forgot to post.

First the map: I followed this set of instructions here and added the map in my organization's content.

Then the layer: I was confused with the configurations involved when publishing the layer but I figured out where I had to "enable sync" and "enable archiving" and GlobalIDs on my layer and published the layer (before I published the layer along with a map in ArcGIS Pro and that was also why it wasn't working)

Then I put together my offline map and syncable layer in my portal and with that I was able to use this in Collector.

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