I have been using Pyproj for some time now doing only simple projection and transformation. I am totally new to vertical datum and differences in GEOID among Coordinate systems. I have been trying to do vertical transformation using pyproj but I feel like I am missing something. For example I tried this :

import pyproj
lat = 43.70012234
lng = -79.41629234
z = 100
wgs84 = pyproj.Proj("+init=EPSG:4326")
NAD83NDV88 = pyproj.Proj("+init=EPSG:5498")
results = pyproj.transform(wgs84, NAD83NDV88, lng, lat, z)

which returns : (43.70012234, -79.41629234, 100.0).

My logic was to take a WGS84 coordinate with an ellipsoid elevation and try to convert that into NAD83 NADV88 (epsg:5498). But it seems like it is not that simple.

I found some EPSG codes for transformation related to this question like : EPSG:3858 +> WGS 84 to EGM2008 height (1) but I haven't been able to figure out how to use those codes in Pyproj. I am missing some pieces of the puzzle!

So to summarize can this be done?

  • Not that it answers your question but according to the UNAVCO geoid height calculator the geoid height is -37.32 meters below the ellipsoid height at your coordinates. Maybe this link will help you troubleshoot your issue when you get your code sorted out. unavco.org/software/geodetic-utilities/geoid-height-calculator/… – GBG Oct 31 '19 at 21:10
  • Thank you for the link it sure does help! – User18981898198119 Nov 1 '19 at 18:49

There is two way to solve your problem:

1st you can try to use the EPSG code for the EGM2008 height with pyproj which is EPSG:3855 (instead of the NAD83 datum that you are trying to use because it is a horizontal datum and not a vertical datum)

2nd you use PROJ6 instead of pyproj (pyproj is the python library from proj) You need to use the proj transformation "Vertical grid shift" The documentation is here: Vgridshift

The geoid grid for EGM2008 should already be in proj with the name "egm08_25.gtx" (I found it here egmgrid)

the proj line will look like: echo lat lng z | proj +proj=vgridshift +grids=egm08_25.gtx

In python you can launch the command line with os.system or subprocess.Popen

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