I have a view in an Oracle 12c geodatabse:

create or replace view parcel_vw as (
    parcel p
left join
    for_gis.gis_locations@gistomax loc  --<-- Join to database link
    on p.propertyid = loc.location

[there are 680 records in the view/fc]

The view has a database link to a table in a separate Oracle database.

  • Note: The join to the dblink does not propagate-out more records; the relationship is 1 to 1.

This is what happens when I use the view in Arcmap 10.7.1:

  1. Registered=n; dblink=y; WORKS
  2. Registered=y; dblink=n; WORKS
  3. Registered=y; dblink=y; BUGGY

In #3, when I try to select all features, I get buggy results:

  • Occasionally: ArcMap crashes
  • Consistently: Not all of the records can be selected with the select tool in the map.
  • Consistently: None of the records can be selected in the attribute table with the Select All tool.

Why does the view (with dblink) become buggy when registered with the geodatabase?

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