I have 2 different layers. One layer is the field layer which contains field agronomic data, name, variety, etc. The other layer is a layer with about 2000 polygons. Each polygon is tied to a variety. Some contain the same variety and are in different locations. Also there are some areas that have polygons stacked on top of each other that contain different varieties.

I want to determine if there are any fields inside a polygon that contain the variety inside the polygon. Another way of saying, I want to know if there are any fields inside the different polygons that have that variety.

The large polygons have one variety as an attribute.  The small polygons are the fields.  The fields contain agronomic information.  I want to know if any of theses smaller fields contain

I have tried join by location. (1:Many)Instead of telling me which polygons contain the field, I only get back how many polygons as a count. since I am not getting the information from the polygon layer, I cannot query if the varieties match.

I have also tried joining by attribute. Doing this will link up the varieties, but it is not spatially accurate.

I am using QGIS.

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A Virtual Layer should do the trick (Layer|Create Layer|New Virual Layer) If your field layer was named Fields and contained the columns Field_Name and variety and the other polygon layer was named Regions and contained the columns Region_Name and variety then the SQL for the Query would be:

SELECT F.Field_Name, F.variety, R.Region_Name, F.geometry
FROM Fields F 
JOIN Regions R ON F.variety=R.variety AND ST_WITHIN(F.geometry,R.geometry)

This will create a query layer containing only the fields which are within polygons of the same variety.

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