I have multiple elevation raster tiles of an archaeological site and it would be extremely useful for me to visualize the topography as one 'uniform' image/layer. I have attempted to merge the rasters, build a virtual raster, and copy/paste the style from one layer to others, yet I have been unable to produce a seamless image from any of the said methods.

Example of two of the tiles

The tiles overlap considerably, most more so than the two tiles in the example. I have checked the elevations between layers of some of the overlapping areas and they appear to match, so the problem doesn't seem to be incongruous elevation data.

When I have copy and pasted styles I have made sure to change the elevation data to the min/max values among the tiles and as well as make sure the break values also match. Yet, inconceivably, this makes it worse.

enter image description here

  • Check all images for min/max-values, write them down. Then classify one image using these boundaries and sensible breaks. Copy the style to all the other images. – Erik Nov 5 '19 at 12:46
  • I should have elaborated; I did indeed check and use the min/max values when copying/pasting styles from a layer to others, yet it did not produce the desired effect, though I admit I do not know what sensible breaks would be. – LCorvino Nov 5 '19 at 14:17
  • If all images had the same style, especially the same classes/breaks based on the overall min/max values, there'd be no discontinuity. Sensible classes/breaks for DEM would be a different colour every 10 m e.g. – Erik Nov 5 '19 at 14:19
  • Good morning LCorvino! I learned the hard way that QGIS lists estimated min/max values by default. I wonder if that could be the source of your problem? Try changing min/max to actual values. See my earlier SE question at: gis.stackexchange.com/questions/321408/… – Stu Smith Nov 5 '19 at 17:04
  • Can you share what settings you used for merge? Are you getting an error, or is it producing a valid output that isn't what you're looking for? Could you post example files? This is exactly what merge is supposed to do, and I've used it in the past. – Brian Fisher Nov 5 '19 at 17:48

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