I have created a DEM using survey points from a GNSS system. Works like a charm so far. I can extract elevation lines etc. However, when I export it as a SAGA grid it looses the coordinate system. I am able to open it in SAGA and run every module and terrain analyzing tool, but the grid is missing the coordinate system.

What am I doing wrong? When exporting to grid I choose the coordinate system that I want it to be in.

QGIS 3.8.0 Zanzibar SAGA GIS 7.4.0


When you export a DEM as a SAGA Binary Grid, QGIS produces three files:

  • DEM.sgrd : a header file
  • DEM.sdat : the main binary data
  • DEM.prj : CRS information

I guess you have lost .prj somewhere. Keep these three files in the same directory (folder) of your file system.

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