I have a fairly simple script where I aim to insert roughly 30 raster TIFFs into a PostgreSQL database.

To manually import one TIFF at a time I run this command

raster2pgsql.exe -s 2263 -d -C -I -M -l 2,4,8,16 \\rasterpath\_001.tif -F -t 100x100 dem_001 | psql -d raster_test -U postgres -p 5434

This works great

Now to the Python script

for x in os.listdir(folder):
    if x.endswith('.tif'):
        pg= "raster2pgsql.exe -s 2263 -d -C -I -M -l 2,4,8,16 {0} -F -t 100x100 {1} | psql -d raster_test -U postgres -p 5434 ".format(os.path.join(folder,x),fname)

I get this error

ERROR: Unable to read raster file: dem_001
ERROR: Unable to read raster file: dem_002

But if I run the printed output from the Python script manually into the CMD it succesfully runs.

Kind of confused on what is going wrong here.

Using Python 3.7

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    Maybe your Python script is executing the commandline from a different folder as where your raster files are ... You can run echo %cd% from within your Python script to find out from which directory you are actually executing ... Nov 7 '19 at 21:04
  • This might be easier with a batch script: bash: "for fname in dem_001 dem_002;do cmd;done" dos: "FOR %%A IN (list) DO command parameters"
    – vinh
    Nov 8 '19 at 16:38
  • @vinh any docs/examples with this method?
    – ziggy
    Nov 8 '19 at 17:34

In response to comment, something like this would work in bash:

OPTIONS="-s 2263 -d -C -I -M -l 2,4,8,16 -F -t 100x100" 
CMD_PIPE="psql -d raster_test -U postgres -p 5434"
for fname in dem_001 dem_002;
do raster2pgsql $OPTIONS *.tif $fname | $CMD_PIPE;

:: windows (not tested)
:: FOR %%A IN (list) DO command parameters
%%OPTIONS="-s 2263 -d -C -I -M -l 2,4,8,16 -F -t 100x100"
FOR %%fname IN (dem_001 dem_002)
DO (raster2pgsql.exe %%OPTIONS *.tif %%fname >> %%TMP_FILE)
  • using windows :(
    – ziggy
    Nov 12 '19 at 15:20

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