I am trying to export my ESRI add-in to ArcCatalog. I have access to ArcGIS for Desktop. I do not use Arc Runtime.

I have created a java small program, and I'd like to kick it off with a button. Here is what I used to create my button

My eclipse setup is correct.

enter image description here

Everything works within my IDE. If I just export this program as an .exe, it works great that way.

I'm able to export to ArcCatalog, over & over, constantly updating my version number. My add-in appears in the Add-in Manager, as per instructions found here

My program utilizes some JavaFX pop-up Vboxes. These will not open when I deploy my add-in to ArcCatalog. I see here and here that I should be able to run this program via an add-in button that I've created.

I would like to ask the author of the GitHub example code (see link above) about the code in their repository. It doesn't have a main method and the JavaFX class doesn't extend Application.

Is anyone able to make this code work? What am I missing, in that I am unable to make this code run? The example code is offered as a public resource in GitHub.

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  • Please add a snippet of the code you've tried that isn't doing what you're expecting – Midavalo Nov 9 '19 at 5:54