I am using leaflet to visualize rasters. The output shows NA values around the border areas for discrete classifications. I read another post that said this might be due to the differences in projections between the raster and what leaflet uses, resulting in NA interpolated values at the edges. I tried leaflet:projectForLeafLet, but this did not change the problem.

Any ideas?

r1 <- asFactor(r)
r2 <- projectRasterForLeafLet(r1, method = 'ngb')
pal <- colorFactor(SAGA_pal[[1]], domain = c(0,10,15,20,30), ordered = FALSE,
                   na.color = "transparent", alpha = FALSE, reverse = TRUE)
(ll <- leaflet() %>% 
    addProviderTiles("Esri.WorldImagery") %>%
    addRasterImage(r2, colors=pal, opacity=0.5) %>%
    addLegend(pal=pal, values=values(r2))

enter image description here

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