I was trying to convert the Sentinel-2 1C product to radiance and came across two links first once says

radiance = ((pixelValueBandX * cos(incidenceAngle) * solarIrradianceBandX) / (pi * d2)) / 10000

where d2 is 1.0/U

Where as second one says

rad = rho * cos(radians(sza)) * Es * sc / (pi * d2)
where: d2 = 1.0 / U
scale: 1 / (0.001 * 1000) = 1 (default)

So, I have few questions amongst the two which one is correct. I don't see any scaling factor in the first one. Moreover, does the incidence angle here denotes the value of Mean_Sun_Angle.ZENITH_ANGLE from file MTD_TL.xml?

Also, Let's say i do atmospheric correction using SEN2COR or DOS. I would get the BOA reflectance, right? So, then how do i convert it to a BOA radiance?

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