I'm attempting to make QGIS maptips display a hyperlink as the text from another field in the attribute table. Below are 3 attempts of HTML and the different results.

When "title documents" is not NULL

enter image description here

When "title documents" is NULL

enter image description here


[%case when "title documents" is not NULL then '<a href='||"title documents"||'>' end %]
[%case when "title documents" is not NULL then ' "title no" </a>' else 'Not available' end %]


<a href=[%CASE WHEN "title documents" is not null then "title documents"%] > [%"title no"%]</a>
[%CASE WHEN  "title documents" is null then 'Not Available' END%]


[%case when "title documents" is not '' then '<a href='||"title documents"||'>' else '' end %]
[%case when "title documents" is not NULL then 'Click Me</a>' else 'Not available' end %]

I'm trying to get result 3 but rather than 'Click Me', make it display "title no" which I would have thought code line 1 would achieve but obviously not.


You have to insert only one QGIS Expression under [% %] brackets and play with the ELSE clause from CASE.

Try the following layer maptips expression :

  WHEN "title documents" IS NOT NULL
    THEN '<a href="' || "title documents" || '">' || "title no" || '</a>'
  ELSE 'Not available'
END %]

Explanation :

Case statement :

  WHEN condition_1 THEN result_1
  WHEN condition_2 THEN result_2
  [ ELSE result_else ]

The only one condition I set is when the field "title documents" IS NOT NULL then display "title no" value as a text for a html link with "title documents" value as link.

Else, (if "title documents" IS NULL) display the text Not available.


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