I'm trying to create a PostGIS database with ili2pg. This creates a proper database schema. There is an additional .xml file with domain-values. I think these values aren't loaded in the process. How can I load them to the database schema?

I'm using PostgreSQL 11 with PostGIS 2.5 and ili2pg 4.3.0 on Windows 10 ili-Model is "Minimales Geodatenmodell - Langsamverkehr" --> Hpm_Network_V1.ili with the additional Hpm_Catalogues_V1.xml from https://www.astra.admin.ch/astra/de/home/fachleute/weitere-bereiche/geoinformation/geobasisdaten/langsamverkehr.html or Model Repository: https://models.geo.admin.ch/ASTRA/


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Late answer, maybe still helpful for somebody.

Catalogue items are imported with ili2pg too:

  • Generate the database from ili model with ili2pg: ili2pg --schemaimport --dbusr usr1 --dbpwd pwd --setupPgExt --dbdatabase Interlis_test --dbschema Hpm_Network --createEnumTabs --createEnumTabsWithId --beautifyEnumDispName --createFk --createFkIdx --defaultSrsCode 2056 --log schemaimport-log.txt --trace Hpm_Network_V1.ili

  • Import Catalogue items from the Interlis xml-transferfile with ili2pg: ili2pg --import --dbusr usr1 --dbpwd pwd --dbdatabase Interlis_test --dbschema Hpm_Network Hpm_Catalogues_V1.xml

    → The table hpm_catalogues gets the Catalogue items.

Further information:

  • I managed it in the meantime by myself. But thanks a lot for the answer anyway.
    – GISDani
    Apr 20, 2020 at 10:10
  • Thanks @Nicolo! @GISDani, if you solve your question by yourself, next time you can post the answer and even mark it as accepted. Sep 27, 2021 at 22:21

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