I am working to replace our current version of GeoNetwork 2.8 to 3.6.

We currently have WMS, WMST, and WFS type metadata. For WMS files when we change his link in the metadata register (in resource online), and I click Add to Map, it works and opens the map correctly.

About the WFS files I do the same procedure, include the link in my WFS type metadata and click to open in the map, but it displays the message WMS request getCapabilities failed.

When I test adding the WFS link straight to the map without going through the metadata register it works and displays the data on the map.

I searched the settings and found no way to solve it. Then researching other available GeoNetwork implementations I realized that the WFS type metadata was added as a download link and not to open on the map.

Did you go through this problem? Can anybody help me?

  • Getting a WMS error with incorrect spelling of GetCapabilities for a WFS sounds like a GeoNetwork bug. – nmtoken Nov 14 '19 at 15:16

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