I created form-value related dropdowns in a QGIS project that work perfectly. The Idea is to collect data of points in the field. All types ("Art") have subtypes ("Subart") that are dependant on their type.

Here some examples: enter image description hereenter image description hereenter image description here

As I opened the project in QField, the dropdowns were blocked. Is QField not capable to handle related dropdowns?


No, for now you can't filter a dropdown based on another field value (if you really need it you'll have to develop it yourself or sponsor a development...).

One workaround is to use one subtype field for each type and using both conditional visibility to hide those that doesn't correspond to the selected type and expression-based default value to auto fill them to "non applicable". Then you could create another hidden field with an expression that synthetise all subtype field. That's a messy workaround that made you add lot's of field (in your case 9) but it's the only one I was able to find to facilitate accurate field update...

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