I need to make a date format in QGIS 3 but, in the program I need to use, QgsEditorWidgetSetup('Date',{'yyyymmdd'}), I want to get this:

here is what i want to have

But I don't know how to use QgsEditorWidgetSetup to make the date looks like above image. Can you help me, please?


This is my answer:

config = {'allow_null': True,
              'calendar_popup': True,
              'display_format': 'yyyyMMdd',
              'field_format': 'yyyyMMdd',
              'field_iso_format': False}
type = 'DateTime'
setup = QgsEditorWidgetSetup(type,config)

I found it out because of following lines:

field = layer.fields()[6]

Qgis shows you all info to make it on code.

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