I am using the US Census Bureau's free geocoding tool, which uses TIGER data.

I have found some inconsistencies in the tool and am curious what the cause is.

For example, the tool can geocode some addresses only in the single-line input field page, but not in the address form page. For example, https://geocoding.geo.census.gov/geocoder/locations/onelineaddress?address=5019+S+DREXEL+AVE+3C%2C+CHICAGO%2C+IL%2C60615&benchmark=4 works https://geocoding.geo.census.gov/geocoder/locations/address?street=5019+S+DREXEL+AVE+3C&city=CHICAGO&state=IL&zip=60615&benchmark=4 does not work.

Here is a second inconsistency... I have some addresses in a batch file that the tool cannot geocode. We are using this endpoint. enter link description hereSome of these addresses can be geocoded by the tool's single line input field but cannot be geocoded by the form field, so I reckon this might be the same issue I called "Inconsistency #1". However, other addresses in my batch address file that don't geocode can in fact be geocoded by both the single line and the form field pages, so for these addresses, there must be a different reason for the failure to geocode as lines in a file. One address that fits this description is the second address

8336189,"6154 S 76TH AVE",SUMMIT,IL,60501

in this file of ours...

8336167,"5019 S DREXEL AVE 3C",CHICAGO,IL,60615
8336189,"6154 S 76TH AVE",SUMMIT,IL,60501
8336210,"208 S RIDGE ST APT  2",CAMBRIDGE,IL,61238
8336231,"918 W ILLINOIS ST 416 TOWNSEND URH",URBANA,IL,61801
8336258,"13128  TIMBER TRL","PALOS HEIGHTS",IL,60463
8336266,"732  St Marys ",Springfield,IL,62702
8336273,"800 W OAKTON ST UNIT 216H","ARLINGTON HEIGHTS",IL,60004
8336284,"802  WINTER ST",AUGUSTA,IL,62311
8336298,"  Po  Box 56  Box 56",Rosiclare,IL,62982

I am using the data benchmark (PUBLIC_AR_CURRENT) "4". This is the same data benchmark that the working pages use...enter link description here and enter link description here

Why might this be?

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