Is it possible to enter four coordinates for getting a polygon?

I have to clip lots of exact rectangles and I was just wondering whether you know a plugin

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Please check out the QuickWKT plugin.

Description: Quick WKT/WKB viewer, this Qgis Plugin opens a dialog where the user can paste (E)WKT and WKB code and see it on the map. Pasted data are stored in a temporay (memory) layer and are completely lost when the user quits QGIS.

You'll have to save the layer as shape file afterwards or you'll lose them. You'll also need to specify your coordinates in the WKT format, for example:

"POLYGON((571178 6337246,571178 6402217,598061 6402217,598061 6337246,571178 6337246))"

The first and last coordinates have to be the same, otherwise it will result in a line. Good luck :)

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