I'm trying to render Stamen's toner map with Landez which uses Mapnik. The style I'm rendering is from Stamen's toner project. I'm using the one which only renders labels (no lines). I imported the portion of osm (not planet) using osm2pgsql and I've also ran the motorway script. I have not imported the natural earth, because I cannot download the data (https://github.com/Citytracking/toner/issues/53), but I doubt I need it for text labeling only.

In the style its asking for map source from table (or perhaps view) such as "admin1_labels_50m_z5", but I have no idea the sources of these tables or views? How to create them?


Just a guess, but admin1_labels_50m_z5 may be the previous name to these shapefiles in the toner repository.


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