I want to store WGS84 coordinates in a MySQL 5.7 database. After much reading, I think I should use the POINT datatype with a SPATIAL INDEX. But I am very confused about SRSs, SRIDs, lat/long vs long/lat, etc.

Could someone give me a very simple example of how I would create a table with location_name and coordinates columns that would correctly store a string location name, and lat/long values in decimal degrees?

And then, an example of how I would insert data into this table correctly?

I am reading conflicting information on what SRID I should use (0? 4326?) in order to do distance calculations correctly. Also reading conflicting information on whether it should be POINT(lat, long) or POINT(long, lat).


The axis order of a coordinate reference system is determined by it's definition by its named authority.

Most widely used authority for projections is EPSG

EPSG::4326 is a coordinate reference system defined by the EPSG authority.

Looking at the EPSG Geodetic Parameter Registry for EPSG::4326 we can see (WKT version) that the correct axis order is lat/long:

  DATUM["World Geodetic System 1984",
    ELLIPSOID["WGS 84",6378137,298.257223563,LENGTHUNIT["metre",1.0]]],

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