I try to make «copyright» decoration in QGIS dynamic. I have a surface layer «COMMUNE» with a "NAME" field. I try to write an expression that allows me to display this "NAME" in the decoration, I manage to get the center with [%geom_to_wkt( @map_extent_center) %]

but then I get lost between the get_feature and attribute().

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Do you want to display the Name of the Commune that is in the center of the map in your "copyright" decoration?

If yes, this expression should get the job done:

 layer:= 'COMMUNE',
 filter:=contains( $geometry, @map_extent_center),
 concatenator:=', ')
  • That's work with this syntax : [% aggregate( 'communes','concatenate',"NAME",contains( $geometry, @map_extent_center),', ')%]. thx
    – pasqal
    Nov 20, 2019 at 19:48

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