I am using GRASS GIS 7.6 and want to sum 30.000 small rasters from a total viewshed calculation. I tried the following approach: 1-> r.list to get a list of the names of the rasters. 2 -> r.series (sum) to sum all the rasters, but there is a limit on the number of rasters that I can sum in each take...

Can anyone provide help with this?

Maybe the solution is some python coding which loops the sum.

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from the r.series manual:

Management of open file limits The maximum number of raster maps that can be processed is given by the user-specific limit of the operating system. For example, the soft limits for users are typically 1024 files. The soft limit can be changed with e.g. ulimit -n 4096 (UNIX-based operating systems) but it cannot be higher than the hard limit. If the latter is too low, you can as superuser add an entry in:

your_username hard nofile 4096

in my linux ubuntu 18 it defaults to:

<domain>      <type>  <item>         <value>
root            hard    core            100000

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