I am trying to do the classification of farming areas and I do not want to include the city and forest areas. so I want to use land without forest and city. I want to make forest_and_city to geometry so I can use it in my study area.

    //// whole world land data
    var dataset = ee.ImageCollection('MODIS/006/MCD12Q1');
    var igbpLandCover = dataset.select('LC_Type1');

    //// Cut  bordor and separated image yearly
    var multiband = igbpLandCover.toBands()
    // print(multiband)

    //// all propery(17) 
    var property1 = multiband.eq(1)
    var property2 = multiband.eq(2)
    var property3 = multiband.eq(3)
    var property4 = multiband.eq(4)
    var property5 = multiband.eq(5)
    var property6 = multiband.eq(6)
    var property7 = multiband.eq(7)
    var property8 = multiband.eq(8)
    var property9 = multiband.eq(9)
    var property10 = multiband.eq(10)
    var property11 = multiband.eq(11)
    var property12 = multiband.eq(12)
    var property13 = multiband.eq(13)
    var property14 = multiband.eq(14)
    var property15 = multiband.eq(15)
    var property16 = multiband.eq(16)
    var property17 = multiband.eq(17)

    var forest_and_city = property1.max(property2)
    forest_and_city = forest_and_city.max(property3)
    forest_and_city = forest_and_city.max(property4)
    forest_and_city = forest_and_city.max(property5)
    forest_and_city = forest_and_city.max(property13)


    forest_and_city= forest_and_city.neq(1).clip(geometry)
    forest_and_city = forest_and_city.updateMask(forest_and_city.neq(0));

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