This is a very basic question in Google Earth Engine. I have an image converted from an ImageCollection using toBands():

Image = ee.ImageCollection(somelist.map(somefunction)).toBands()

Now I need to export this image to Asset. However, the metadata of this image only contains "type" and there is no "id". If I do


the output is null. How can I specify the id by adding this property?

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The purpose of .id(), also known as the property 'system:index', is to an identify an image within the collection it came from.

You could set it on an image object, during a computation only, by setting the property named 'system:index', but there is little point in doing that, because it will not be saved to an exported asset, and if you ever put the image in a collection then it will be given a new .id().

If you want to control the asset ID of an image, which is not the same as the context-dependent identifier .id() returns, you should use the assetId parameter of Export.image.toAsset.

  • Thanks for this great answer. Your explanation makes a lot of sense for a person new to the GEE structure! Setting "system:index" will give me a new .id() (exactly what I want), while setting 'id', the 'id' will be under "property" entry. The reason I want to control the .id() is originally because I want to batch export images in one collection. I am using a batch export tool from here: users/fitoprincipe/geetools. The batch export tool actually requires .id() to automatically set the assetID. Nov 22, 2019 at 21:49
  • @pitcheverlasting Thanks for providing context! It would have been good to put that information in your question.
    – Kevin Reid
    Nov 22, 2019 at 23:28

This is simply obtained by setting the "system:index":

Image = somelist.map(function(x) x.set("system:index": something)) 

In the case of toBands(), it can be important to do it, since in absence of an image id, toBands() will add numeric indices to the band names. This can cause a conflict when exporting:

Error: Band ID "0_prcp_mean_2000_1" is invalid. Band IDs must start with a..z or A..Z and must contain only the following characters: a..z, A..Z,


It seems like band names starting with a number are not valid when exporting images as assets. Before exporting your image, you can rename the bands, prefixing them with a letter:

stack.regexpRename('^(.*)', 'b_$1')

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