I'm using QGIS 3.14.3 with GRASS 7.6.1 and trying to add together the values for 3 raster layers using r.series as I'm told this handles no data values better than raster calculator. Please see log below as r.series is only returning no data values.

Processing algorithm…
Algorithm 'r.series' starting…
Input parameters:
{ '-n' : True, 'GRASS_RASTER_FORMAT_META' : '', 'GRASS_RASTER_FORMAT_OPT' : '', 'GRASS_REGION_CELLSIZE_PARAMETER' : 0, 'GRASS_REGION_PARAMETER' : '332966.7752,400122.2567,344713.3291999999,567742.8156 [EPSG:27700]',
 'input' : ['C:/.../Bowland_Hazard.tif','C:/.../Bowland_Vulnerability.tif','C:/.../Bowland_Waterways_Classified.tif'], 'method' : [10], 
'output' : 'C:/Users/seansuzedielois/AppData/Local/Temp/processing_6bed28472c854ab889990fbc4a475879/c70921be43984837baaa5faad3656e83/output.tif', 'quantile' : '', 'range' : [0,0], 'weights' : '' }

g.proj -c proj4="+proj=tmerc +lat_0=49 +lon_0=-2 +k=0.9996012717 +x_0=400000 +y_0=-100000 +ellps=airy +units=m +no_defs"
r.external input="C:\...\Bowland_Hazard.tif" band=1 output="rast_5dd7bc9666a9616" --overwrite -o
r.external input="C:\...\Bowland_Vulnerability.tif" band=1 output="rast_5dd7bc9666a9617" --overwrite -o
r.external input="C:\...\Bowland_Waterways_Classified.tif" band=1 output="rast_5dd7bc9666a9618" --overwrite -o
g.region n=567742.8156 s=344713.3291999999 e=400122.2567 w=332966.7752 res=30.0
r.series input=rast_5dd7bc9666a9616,rast_5dd7bc9666a9617,rast_5dd7bc9666a9618 -n method="sum" range="0,0" output=output7e2b59a143804b069736ec560da663f5 --overwrite
g.region raster=output7e2b59a143804b069736ec560da663f5
r.out.gdal -t -m input="output7e2b59a143804b069736ec560da663f5" output="C:\Users\seansuzedielois\AppData\Local\Temp\processing_6bed28472c854ab889990fbc4a475879\c70921be43984837baaa5faad3656e83\output.tif" format="GTiff" createopt="TFW=YES,COMPRESS=LZW" --overwrite
Starting GRASS GIS...
WARNING: Concurrent mapset locking is not supported on Windows
Cleaning up temporary files...
Executing <C:\Users\seansuzedielois\AppData\Local\Temp\processing_6bed28472c854ab889990fbc4a475879\grassdata\grass_batch_job.cmd> ...
C:\Users\seansuzedielois\Documents>chcp 1252 1>NUL
C:\Users\seansuzedielois\Documents>g.proj -c proj4="+proj=tmerc +lat_0=49 +lon_0=-2 +k=0.9996012717 +x_0=400000 +y_0=-100000 +ellps=airy +units=m +no_defs"
WARNING: Datum <Unknown_based_on_Airy_1830_ellipsoid> not recognised by GRASS and no parameters found
Default region was updated to the new projection, but if you have multiple mapsets `g.region -d` should be run in each to update the region from the default
Projection information updated
C:\Users\seansuzedielois\Documents>r.external input="C:\...\Bowland_Hazard.tif" band=1 output="rast_5dd7bc9666a9616" --overwrite -o
Over-riding projection check
Reading band 1 of 1...
Link to raster map <rast_5dd7bc9666a9616> created.
C:\Users\seansuzedielois\Documents>r.external input="C:\...\Bowland_Vulnerability.tif" band=1 output="rast_5dd7bc9666a9617" --overwrite -o
Over-riding projection check
Reading band 1 of 1...
Link to raster map <rast_5dd7bc9666a9617> created.
C:\Users\seansuzedielois\Documents>r.external input="C:\...\Bowland_Waterways_Classified.tif" band=1 output="rast_5dd7bc9666a9618" --overwrite -o
Over-riding projection check
Reading band 1 of 1...
Link to raster map <rast_5dd7bc9666a9618> created.
C:\Users\seansuzedielois\Documents>g.region n=567742.8156 s=344713.3291999999 e=400122.2567 w=332966.7752 res=30.0
C:\Users\seansuzedielois\Documents>r.series input=rast_5dd7bc9666a9616,rast_5dd7bc9666a9617,rast_5dd7bc9666a9618 -n method="sum" range="0,0" output=output7e2b59a143804b069736ec560da663f5 --overwrite
C:\Users\seansuzedielois\Documents>g.region raster=output7e2b59a143804b069736ec560da663f5
C:\Users\seansuzedielois\Documents>r.out.gdal -t -m input="output7e2b59a143804b069736ec560da663f5" output="C:\Users\seansuzedielois\AppData\Local\Temp\processing_6bed28472c854ab889990fbc4a475879\c70921be43984837baaa5faad3656e83\output.tif" format="GTiff" createopt="TFW=YES,COMPRESS=LZW" --overwrite
ERROR 6: SetColorTable() only supported for Byte or UInt16 bands in TIFF format.
Checking GDAL data type and nodata value...
Using GDAL data type <Float64>
Input raster map contains cells with NULL-value (no-data). The value -1.#IND will be used to represent no-data values in the input map. You can specify a nodata value with the nodata option.
Exporting raster data to GTiff format...
r.out.gdal complete. File <C:\Users\seansuzedielois\AppData\Local\Temp\processing_6bed28472c854ab889990fbc4a475879\c70921be43984837baaa5faad3656e83\output.tif> created.
Execution of <C:\Users\seansuzedielois\AppData\Local\Temp\processing_6bed28472c854ab889990fbc4a475879\grassdata\grass_batch_job.cmd> finished.
Cleaning up temporary files...
Execution completed in 5.61 seconds
{'output': <QgsProcessingOutputLayerDefinition {'sink':C:/Users/seansuzedielois/AppData/Local/Temp/processing_6bed28472c854ab889990fbc4a475879/c70921be43984837baaa5faad3656e83/output.tif, 'createOptions': {'fileEncoding': 'System'}}>}

Loading resulting layers
Algorithm 'r.series' finished

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There is a small problem with the implementation of the GRASS r.series algorithm in QGIS:
The Ignore values outside this range (lo,hi) parameter is not optional (yet).

You need to explicitly specify values in those fields. Make sure that the pixel values of your input rasters are within that range.

A similar question was asked on January 31. The answer was not accepted and the bug was not reported:
r.series - no output 'ERROR 6: SetColorTable() only supported for Byte or UInt16 bands in TIFF format.!

I forgot that subject. Reviewing now again I find that fortunately Markus Neteler reported the error in QGIS, on March 3:

The problem seems to be of a non-simple solution, however in recent days the team was working on it:

Searching for more questions of the same type, I found that it was probably the problem that caused a question of August 23, 2018, in which I see that you have added a comment:
r.series GRASS algorithm in QGIS 3.2 output no-data image

I am grateful that you have initiated a new question on this subject and I hope that the solution will be found soon.

DISCLAIMER: I am not part of the QGIS developer team, much less. I don't have academic or technical knowledge about programming. However, I am fascinated with the development of open source code by developer communities and with the free spread of knowledge.

  • 1
    Thanks, Gabriel, for bringing my attention to github.com/qgis/QGIS/pull/32922 (unfortunately, in the issue migration from redmine to Github, the bug reporters were apparently not auto-subscribed to the respective issues, so I would have never found that myself!). Great that it is being worked on now
    – markusN
    Nov 23, 2019 at 7:50
  • 1
    @markusN You are welcome. Thanks to you for all your work, GRASS GIS is an impressively powerful tool. Nov 23, 2019 at 10:13

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