I would like to set my overlayimage off when reload the map.

According to the link:


I tried sth like this:

   var overlayMaps = (null,{
    "Geographic names": positronLabels,
    "City fibre": cityfibre

but there is no reaction on my map

In turn this example:


Esri leaflet layers turned off by default in map layer control box

shows how to remove some layer instead of switch it off at the initial stage.

When I put null into my code, my overlay layers are gone:

    L.control.layers(baseMaps, null, overlayMaps).addTo(map);

I couldn't find a good solution on the Leaflet.js reference:


Is there any option to make them switched off at the initial stages?

Layers gone

Layers unchecked


This is a simply thing, that we must do.

the .addTo(map) states, that layer will be switched on as a default.

We must remove it if we want the different result:

    cityfibre = L.layerGroup([Peterboro, Coventry,]);//.addTo(map);

enter image description here

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