Trying to add several rasters, all multiplied by certain factors (like (A@1*.8)+(B@1*.003)+(C@1*.2)...) in raster calculator in QGIS 3.10 the program crashes on Windows (that doesn't happen on Linux, at least on 3.8, which is what I use mostly); exploring further, GDAL's plugin raster calculator outputs something like "missing module" trying to do the same thing; in Osgeo4w gdal_calc was not listed when I checked the available commands. You may just add two rasters on QGIS's calculator without crashing.

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    smells like opencl, but i think we would need more information and error messages. – Andreas Müller Nov 22 '19 at 16:51

The solution was to check the box in "Settings - Options - Acceleration - 'enable acceleration for opencl'". Grass's calculator did work without the setting.gdal_calc was not included in this osgeo4W shell version

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