I have raster in Unknown_datum_based_upon_the_custom_spheroid_Sinusoidal projection system and I want to define the projection in Mercator (world) in ArcMap.

While using Define projection to WGS 1984 raster went to no where,
and using Define projection to world Mercator raster changes its visualization in such a way that didn't overlap the shapefile.

When I use project raster to transform the Unknown projection to WGS 1984 or to World Mercator It gives an error

ERROR 000151:The operation was attempted on empty geometry

What is going on here?

  • Actually, you only want to Define Projection on an image with the actual projection. The Project Raster tool is used to change projections. Some sinusoidal data is non-reversable. If you misrepresent the projection and then reproject, you'll mangle and possibly destroy the validity of the result. – Vince Nov 23 '19 at 13:02

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