From the GeoServer manual:


To add a NetCDF data store the user must go to Stores –> Add New Store –> NetCDF.

In my install (Windows, version 2.16, Tomcat), I do not see the NetCDF entry, but only those options:

Raster Data Sources
 ArcGrid - ARC/INFO ASCII GRID Coverage Format
 GeoPackage (mosaic) - GeoPackage mosaic plugin
 GeoTIFF - Tagged Image File Format with Geographic information
 ImageMosaic - Image mosaicking plugin
 WorldImage - A raster file accompanied by a spatial data file

I do not see the way to install the plugin anywhere, and this post Installing netCDF plugin for Geoserver The link at "Geosolutions IT Training." which may have the plugin installation instruction, is broken.

I also tried installing NetCDF-4 native library https://docs.geoserver.org/stable/en/user/extensions/netcdf-out/nc4.html#nc4 on windows, and it did not help.

There must be some very basics missing here. I do not see the extension/plugin present on my 2.16 GeoServer install, and surprisingly, google around and I do not find anywhere on how to install the plugin.


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Here you have the way to install an extension in GeoServer, is written in Spanish: https://www.cursosgis.com/como-instalar-una-extension-en-geoserver-el-servicio-wps/

  1. First download the extension from here
  2. Navigate to the directory where you installed geoserver if you are using Linux probably here
  1. Inside the installation directory follow the path below
  1. unzip the extensions files inside the lib folder, so that the .jar files are directly in the lib folder

  2. restart geoserver and you will find the upload

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