I have a GeoDataFrame which is a multipolygon and represents boundaries of a country:

0 MULTIPOLYGON (((10.10112 46.23346, 10.10099 46...

Its bounding box/extent is:

minx miny maxx maxy 5.956063 45.817059 10.495112 47.808483

I would like to extend the bounding box using a parameter let's say ext = 1.4 so it will become:

minx miny maxx maxy 8.338488 64.143881 14.693157 66.931876

I'm trying to extend it so when I display the raster, the layer is not cropped too tightly and I don't lose some of the information around it. When I try data.bounds *= 1.4, I get the following error: AttributeError: can't set attribute. It seems like I can't modify the DataFrame directly. What's the proper way of extending the bounding box of a GeoDataFrame?

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Since you have a one-row geodataframe, using bounds is okay but ideally, you'd use total_bounds to get the bounds of the geodataframe as a whole. This returns a tuple of 4 coordinates (documentation). I recommend this approach:

  • Get the bounds by using gdf.total_bounds:
bounds = gdf.total_bounds
  • Use shapely (underlying objects that are used in a geodataframe)
from shapely.geometry import box
country_box = box(*bounds)

  • This country_box is now a shapely geometry that can now be modified.
buffered_box = country_box.buffer(1.4) # Be careful about the units you use. 1.4 in decimal degrees can be a lot!
  • You can then use this geometry towards creating another geodataframe/writing to a file/just look at the wkt (buffered_box.wkt for example)

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