Im working on calculation of Calculation of Enhanced Vegetation Index(EVI) From Landsat 5 TM and Landsat 8 OLI Using ArcMap 10.4.1. As far i know to Calculate EVI, first it needs to Convert the DN Values to Physical TOA reflectance. For Landsat 5 TM, I did that steps (First I converted DN to Radiance and then to Reflectance and enter image description here got the refelectance Values of the required bands ranging between 0 to 1 (Band 1 =0 to 0.367, Band 3= 0 to 0.648, Band 4= 0 to 0.808).

Then I applied the Formula for Deriving EVI= 2.5 * (("Band 4" - "Band 3") / "Band 4" + 6 * "Band 3" - 7.5 * "Band 1" + 1) in Raster Calculator and got result with EVI Ranging -1822.42 to 12.71 (!) . If i clip my Area of Interest Still get the Value ranges between -0.658 to +2.95.

I used to know that EVI ranges between -1 to +1 , However USGS says The valid Range is between -10,000 to +10,000) see https://www.usgs.gov/land-resources/nli/landsat/landsat-enhanced-vegetation-index?qt-science_support_page_related_con=0#qt-science_support_page_related_con And i know EVI is not a Normalized Index like NDVI.

Now I really Want to know if my precedure is okay, and then how can I interpret The values? (eg. Vegetation, Bare Soil etc). And If not then how can I Correctly Calculate EVI?

enter image description here

  • Something seems off in your TOA reflectance values. Landsat 5 TOA reflectance values (p.15) should range from 0 – 10000. Note that the scale factor is 0.0001 in the documentation that you provide. Here is a similar question. – Aaron Nov 28 '19 at 5:45
  • This guide is about Surface reflectance product, although I'm working with level 1 data (LPGS). I did the Conversion from DN to reflectance manually with the equation P' = (Mp * Qcal + Ap)/ sin(¢se) as per given on the USGS website. the reflectance values that i derive from this is quite ok. but when i use the EVI equation in Raster calculator the output result are not satisfactory. Again i also applied the the scaling factor multiplying the bands by. 0001 and didn't get the expected result. And i also tried the question u gave link here about placing foat, and yet no solution. – Ashad Alif Nov 30 '19 at 14:37

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