I am trying to reproduce ArcGIS' kernel density in R. Specifically, I'd like to make a weighted kernel density map, like you see in Census OnTheMap (example). I am running into a lot of dead ends, where you can easily make an unweighted density map, or you can easily plot a weighted density, but it's difficult to make a weighted density map.

The closest examples use smoothing over a specified area or expect you to already have a raster set up. I'm new to raster, so it's difficult to make sense.

I do know that ArcGIS defaults the bandwidth to Silverman's rule of thumb (bw.nrd0).

So how do we take points (say polygon centroids) with a value and make a map plotting the density of those values?

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You can use the sp.kde function in the spatialEco package for a weighted or "unweighted" kernel density estimate (KDE). However, a kde on polygon centroids is not valid because the polygon sets represent areas of various sizes.


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