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I have a polyline SDE.ST_GEOMETRY feature class in an Oracle 12c geodatabase (10.7.1).

I want to create a view on the feature class that has X and Y columns that contain the coordinates of the polyline midpoints.

I've noticed that while there is a centroid function for polygons, there isn't a midpoint function for polylines.

Is there a way to get midpoint coordinates of SDE.ST_GEOMETRY polylines with SQL?

  • ST_CENTROID() is documented as finding the center of the bounding box of the minestrone (which might not be on the line, unless it's a 2-point segment)
    – Vince
    Dec 2, 2019 at 3:17
  • @Vince What's the minestrone part about?
    – User1974
    Dec 2, 2019 at 3:29
  • 2
    linestring, as rendered by autocorrect
    – Vince
    Dec 2, 2019 at 3:33
  • 1
    Assuming your linestrings don't change frequently, pre-computing the location for each geometry midpoint using a geodetic function with a GIS client, and storing this as a point with a common key should be simple enough.
    – Vince
    Dec 2, 2019 at 4:03
  • 2
    Seems like you need a ST_LineInterpolatePoint( geom, 0.5) equivalent for an oracle database. Dec 7, 2019 at 23:17

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The custom ST_MIDPOINT function below works.

However, it's horrendously inefficient because it doesn't seem to be possible to use the SDE functions & operators to directly assign values to variables. I needed to wrap them in queries instead.

More information here: Use SDE.ST_GEOMETRY functions in a custom function

-- execute this as the SDE user
create or replace function ST_MidPoint
   (line_in IN sde.st_geometry)
   RETURN sde.st_geometry
IS midpoint sde.st_geometry;
  srid integer;
  line_length number(38);
  num_parts integer;
  num_points integer;
  partNum integer;
  distanceAlong number(38);
  segmentLength number(38);
  part sde.st_geometry;
  p1 sde.st_geometry;
  p2 sde.st_geometry;
  x1 double precision;
  y1 double precision;
  x2 double precision;
  y2 double precision;
  -- get the SRID of the line for later use in constructing the midpoint geometrey
  select sde.st_srid (line_in)
  into srid
  from dual;

  -- calculate the total length of the line
  select sde.st_length(line_in)
  into line_length
  from dual;

  -- get the number of parts that make up the line
  select sde.st_numgeometries(line_in)
  into num_parts
  from dual;

  distanceAlong := 0;
  for partNum in 1..num_parts loop
    -- get the geometry for this part
    select sde.st_geometryn(line_in, partNum)
    into part
    from dual;

    -- get the number of points that make up this part
    select sde.st_numpoints(part)
    into num_points
    from dual;

    -- get the first point (the "from" point) for the part
    select sde.st_pointn (part, 1)
    into p1
    from dual;

    -- iterate along the line until the section that contains the midpoint is found
    for pointNum in 2..num_points loop
      -- get the "to" point of the segment
      select sde.st_pointn(part, pointNum)
      into p2
      from dual;

      -- calculate the distance between the from point and the to point
      select sde.st_distance(p1, p2)
      into segmentLength
      from dual;

      -- add the distance along this segment to the running total
      distanceAlong := distanceAlong + segmentLength;
      -- check to see if the running total is past the midpoint
      if distanceAlong >= line_length/2.0 then
        -- the two current points encompass the midpoint of the line
        -- determine the midpoint geometry and return it
        select sde.st_x(p1)
        into x1
        from dual;
        select sde.st_y(p1)
        into y1
        from dual;
        select sde.st_x(p2)
        into x2
        from dual;
        select sde.st_y(p2)
        into y2
        from dual;
        select sde.st_point((x1+x2)/2.0, (y1+y2)/2.0, srid)
        into midpoint
        from dual;
        -- the midpoint has been found, not need to interogate the rest of the line
        RETURN midpoint;
      end if;
      -- save the endpoint as the first point and continue down the line looking for the midpoint
    end loop;
  end loop;

  return null;

   raise_application_error(-20001,'An error was encountered - '||SQLCODE||' -ERROR- '||SQLERRM);
grant execute on ST_MidPoint to public;

--select objectid,sde.ST_MidPoint(shape) geom
--from gis.line_test
--order by objectid;

A better option would be to have a nightly python job that precomputes the midpoints in a parallel feature class:

Insert geoprocessing results into an existing feature class (midpoints)


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