I am working on creating a proxy for OGC WFS and WMS services using C#.NET WCF service. For that purpose, I need to create a reference to a WFS service so that I can get its classes and data types (Or download its WSDL and schema files). Given that WFS or WMS services do not expose their WSDL, I tried to download the WSDL and XSD schema files from OGC online schemas (http://schemas.opengis.net/) but those files contain a lot of errors if I try to create reference out of them using SVCUTIL or WSDL.exe or XSD.exe or even if trying to add them from Visual Stuido as a reference.

I tried to edit these files and make them work but I am not successful so far. Too many errors are being generated and they are never compiling into code. Furthermore, I have a requirement that all referenced schema files must be local and not online.

Is there any other alternative or any other source from which I can get working WSDL & schema files for WFS in .NET? Or do I have to continue by trial and error until all WSDL and XSD errors are resolved?

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