I have a CSS styled layer in GeoServer 2.16.1 with CSS Extension and trying to bring my layer to Mapbox. Unfortunately it comes only as simple lines.

CSS LineString Layer Geoserver

Preview from geoserver

But if bring this layer to Mapbox it shows simple lines like below:

Lines in React app with Mapbox

      id: 'streets',
      type: 'line',
      source: {
        type: 'vector',
        tiles: [
      'source-layer': 'lines'
      /* ,
      layout: {
        'line-join': 'round',
        'line-cap': 'round' 
      paint: {
        'line-color': '#08363e',
        'line-width': 0.8
      } */

Any hint, suggestion, or other way around?


That is as expected, vector tiles are rendered (and styled) at the client end so GeoServer ignores your styling when serving vector tiles.

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