I am creating a road network using Network Analyst extension in ArcMap 10.6 While creating i added a restriction attribute. Restriction Attribute Creation

After adding restriction attribute i have now two netwrok attributes

  • Length (Cost)
  • ActiveOnly (Restriction)

enter image description here

For defining the Evaluator of my restriction attribute i used type as "Field". enter image description here

I put following code for that field. I have a status field in my source dataset which contains following values (Active, ACTIVE, Planned, , Constructed) I want to use all active roads for routing and want to make other roads non-traversable so i used following code:

enter image description here

Then i defined a travel mode "Car" and enabled the restriction attribute for it.

enter image description here

Problem is when i create a network this gets created and when i build the network i get following error.

enter image description here

When i checked the Build Errors file i am getting this

ObjectID: 1426, Network object evaluator error.
ObjectID: 1425, Network object evaluator error.
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    Check out your network features as given in the error to see if they have any issues, either geometry or attribute. – fatih_dur Dec 10 '19 at 6:16

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