I use osmconvert tool to merge maps. This tool merges 3 maps correctly, however if I merge 16 maps, then I see the following error:

osmconvert Error: could not get 183500800 bytes of memory

This my command:

osmconvert.exe asia/armenia-latest.o5m asia/azerbaijan-latest.o5m 
europe/belarus-latest.o5m asia/kazakhstan-latest.o5m asia/kyrgyzstan-latest.o5m 
europe/moldova-latest.o5m russia-latest.o5m asia/tajikistan-latest.o5m 
asia/uzbekistan-latest.o5m europe/bulgaria-latest.o5m europe/hungary-latest.o5m 
europe/poland-latest.o5m europe/romania-latest.o5m europe/slovakia-latest.o5m 
europe/ukraine-latest.o5m europe/czech-republic-latest.o5m -o=merged.o5m

Could you say what am I doing wrong? How can I solve this problem?


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