I just wanted to clarify the best way to access the latest release of SoilGrids (5 Dec 2019). Are the datasets for clay (CLYPPT)at: https://files.isric.org/soilgrids/data/recent/ the same as https://files.isric.org/soilgrids/data/preview/clay/? Or are these the older versions?


No, they are different versions at this stage. In the recent folder is the most recent release, dating back to early 2017. In the preview folder are the grids released in December of 2019.

There are more details in the README files:

  • Thanks for this information. Do you have any recommendations on the fastest way to get these layers into GEE (loaded as Geotiffs) or if anyone has already loaded it? – Monica Noon Mar 19 '20 at 15:53

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